April President’s Blog

We are finally nearing the end of an exhausting Colorado legislative session. The Democratic controlled House and Senate have issued a record number of bills totaling 440 House bills and 199 Senate bills. The CRMCA/CSSGA Legislative Subcommittee along with our lobbyist, Totsy Reese, have worked diligently to monitor the bills that have the potential to impact our industry.

One bill of note that the subcommittee was keeping a close eye on was Senate Bill 159 that had the potential to shut down all oil and gas drilling in the state. Our efforts were not in vain as this bill was indefinitely postponed on March 28th.

Now we move our concentration to the dreaded Dredge and Fill bill that can have a serious negative impact on any future mining activities in the state.  With the Democrats maintaining a super majority in both the Senate and the House it has been difficult to feel as though we can have any influence on the process. However, as our speaker Gabe Evans stated at our March Legislative Luncheon; “the best we can hope for is to be able to have the conversation”.

Regulation, regulation, regulation. It feels as though our state legislature will not be happy until they are able to control the car you drive, the food you eat, what firearms you can own, what machinery can be run and how you heat your home.

Only you and your involvement can help to stop this regulatory march so please get involved.  Thank you to all that attended the legislative networking event at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion on March 27th, the turn out was great! There are several more involvement opportunities coming up with the April Legislative Luncheon on the 17th and Concrete Day at the Capitol on May 1st. Please consider attending the luncheon and volunteering your time at the Capitol as it’s a great time to “have the conversation” with state officials. Please contact emma@coloradocaa.org if you are interested in volunteering.

In other news Tech Tuesday, the new project being put on by the Technical and Education Committee, started off with a bang. Over 100 participants either attended or “zoomed” into the April presentation on initial curing. Next month’s presentation on May 14th will dive into the details of hot weather concreting just in time for the upcoming summer.

Also to look forward to in the upcoming summer is the CRMCA/CSSGA Annual Summer Outing. This year we will be in Glenwood Springs on July 18th and 19th. Please consider attending. Registraion information will be posted soon.

I hope you all have a productive summer and will continue to stay involved with the CRMCA. As you know, member participation is critical to making our association successful.


Brad Fancher
Loveland Ready Mix Concrete
CRMCA President


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